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One of the perils of being the leading natural stone supplier in Australia is that people can really put trust in us to choose the best stone for their residential or commercial projects. Well, we‘ve now become accustomed to be asked for advice on whether to choose travertine tiles or limestone tiles for the flooring, how to choose the highest quality marble in Sydney for marble vanity tops and if choosing experienced stone masons in Sydney can get you any better results and so on.

Our unmatched track record in providing the best quality natural stone products and services to our clients throughout Australia has enabled us to deliver exceptional results at really affordable prices.

Since, the making of natural stone is not a man-made process and it comes from the earth, you can find an amazingly wide variety in natural stone. These variations can be in terms of both colour and quality. Therefore, we always recommend our customers to do some research while shopping for natural stone for their projects.

1. Know the absorption rate: Technically, more the absorption rate of a natural stone, the more prone the stone will be to staining and cracking. Natural Stone Sealers are used to prevent water absorption in stones with high absorption rates.

2. Know your needs: This is actually a no-brainer. You should choose the natural stone according to specific applications you’ve in mind. For instance, limestone is used extensively in restoration as well as new building projects due to its durability and ease of use. Limestone is perfect for both stone Cladding and flooring. Marble tiles are probably the world’s most stunning building material but white marble is also quite susceptible to construction defects. Therefore, greatest care must be taken while choosing your marble suppliers as experienced ones can also provide you some expert guidance for choosing most suitable marble for particular areas of your projects.

3. Know the grade of natural stone: If you are looking for highly resistance natural stone for your project, opt for higher grades. For instance, grade 3 or grade 4 stones are ideal for projects where you need very high resistance against scratching and chipping. Marble is not the hardest natural stone so it is extensively used in the construction of amenities such as marble bench tops or marble sinks whereas higher grade stones are used in areas with high traffic.

4. Beware of some common defects: No doubt, you can find a plethora of aesthetically stunning natural stones in the market to construct your stone pavers or stacking stone, but if you take a deeper look beneath the surface, you can find some common defects. There might be eggs or even minor fractures within the stones. Euro Natural Stone specializes in providing highest quality natural stone products, best natural stone installers and services to the clients. At Euro Natural Stone, we know each and every intricacy of natural stones and the quality difference between the available choices. Whether you need marble slabs or travertine slabs, we can help you get the best stone for your project your money can buy.

So, if you opt for natural stone slabs for your home, will it cost you a bomb? Will marble sinks require expensive maintenance procedures once installed? Is vinegar a great option to clean your travertine tiles? Let’s face it; we have heard a number of theories about natural stone, and what’s amazing is that most of them are absolutely false. As an experienced natural stone supplier in Australia, we’ve decided to do some research about the widespread facts and myths about various natural stone products, such as marble tiles, marble bench tops or limestone tiles and find out how many of these are based on some scientific foundation. Let’s have a look at some of the prevalent myths about natural stone and the real truth behind them.

Myth#1 – Natural stone requires heavy maintenance after installation.
Fact – Well, it’s a proven fact that natural stone is one of the few surface material choices that requires little to no maintenance. There are several options where you do not even require natural stone sealers. Soap and water are all you need to properly clean the surface made of white marble or any other type of natural stone.

Myth#2 – Vinegar is great for cleaning and disinfecting any type of surface
Fact – If you’ve marble vanity tops, stacking stone or any other items made of natural stone in your home; one of the most important things you should always keep in mind is that you should never clean them with vinegar. You may not be aware but natural stone on coming in contact with acids, such as vinegar, can react to form etch marks on the surface, which can only be removed by re-polishing.

Myth#3 – Natural stone surfaces can get damaged from hot cups or pots
Fact – Any natural stone surface, such as stone bench tops, is extremely sturdy and can withstand a very high level of heat. Therefore, you can straight-away move the dishes from oven to the natural stone countertop, without worrying the slightest bit. If you’ve decided to get natural stone countertops for your home and the services of skilled natural stone installers, you’ve surely made the wisest decision for your home.

Myth#4 – Marble is not ideal for kitchens
Fact – Though marble in Sydney has attained an unrivalled popularity when it comes to home or office designs, people are still sceptical about its use in the kitchens. There are a few reasons responsible for this mindset, such as marble is softer and it can get stained easier than some other natural stone surfaces. However, if you’ve taken the services of experienced Stone masons in Sydney, purchased your stone from reliable marble suppliers, and you know how to take good care of your marble; marble is a stunning option for your kitchen countertops.

Myth#5– Natural stone will look ordinary
Fact – No doubt, natural stone products, such as marble slabs and travertine slabs, are the most popular choice for a number of areas in most homes, but there is nothing as extraordinary and unique as the natural stone. Each and every piece of natural stone is not just aesthetically stunning but is also completely unique. Whether you’ve decided to use natural stone for your stone pavers or stone cladding, individuality is guaranteed with natural stone.

Euro Natural Stone is the principal natural stone supplier of a very wide range of marble tiles and marble slabs, travertine slabs and travertine tiles, limestone tiles, and numerous other first-class natural stone merchandises in Australia. It endeavours to offer esteemed customers with stone of unmatched beauty and rareness at the finest possible market prices. As a result of over two decades of experience in the building and construction industry, design, and installation services as well as in house architecture, the stone masons Sydney experts and the natural stone installers have the ability to deliver impressive results. Regardless of whether you want marble bench tops or marble vanity tops, or any of the variety of services they offer from stacking stone to stone cladding, they offer the most impressive market prices in the construction industries. Depending on the specific design of your house and your individual preferences, natural stone installers can effectively advise you on the best way to suit your chosen style when using natural stone.
They take a lot of pride in the exceptional assortment of stone products which include stone bench tops and natural stone slabs. The extra ordinary services they offer have made them the most respectable marble suppliers in the whole of Australia. There are other marble Sydney based professionals but they do not equal the ones present in Euro Natural Stone.

Among the most popular products they offer is white marble which has outstanding aesthetic and beautification value. There is even a selection of marble sinks for the kitchen which are also renowned for their beauty toughness. The natural stone merchandise are resistance to abrupt temperature deviations, chemical, and biological aspects and their unique properties of sturdiness, incombustibility, and resistance to friction are among the many properties that enable natural stone to be a perfect and evidently smart choice for any given project of remodelling and any building type. At Euro Natural Stone, there is an adequate selection of products from stone like stone pavers and natural stone sealers which are of the best available quality today. There is a very well accomplished staff who is always willing to answer any particular questions you might have regarding you project. There is also a very user friendly website that is dedicated to updating the public on the latest array of products and services.

The natural stones are tremendously versatile and each specific stone from Euro Natural Stone has a distinct design that makes it the most appropriate choice for any home that needs to have the aspect of style. This stone is excavated from the surface of the earth and not mass-produced in industries or factories; this is exactly what makes each stone very different from another. When they are eventually combined, they create a very impressive effect of beauty. Another merit of natural stone is that it will never lose its natural appeal even after a very long period of time. This therefore means that the rather costly expenditure on the construction of the structure is totally worth it.

Construction business is all about quality. Experts can actually predict the lifespan of a building by looking at the quality of its construction material. In simpler terms, it’s the choice of material, such as natural stone slabs or marble tiles that can make or break the overall quality of any building. Of course, we are not suggesting that all types of building materials can prove to be the ideal choice for all people under all circumstances, as each has its own advantages and limitations. However, you cannot deny the fact that those builders who have relied on trusted natural stone supplier and natural stone installers to get high quality products for their constructions have tasted much more success than builders who chose other options. No wonder, products, such as travertine slabs and white marble are recommended for more people in a number of building areas than does any other building material. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons behind this outstanding popularity of natural stones such as travertine tiles and marble in Sydney.

1. Professional results with ease: When you choose marble slabs or limestone tiles for the construction of any building area, you will only require cement, gravel and sand to get highly professional results quickly. Clearly, using natural stones by utilizing the services of experienced stone masons in Sydney is the best way to get stunning, long-term results for any type of construction. Contrary to the popular belief, it’s actually easier to build structures, such as stone bench tops and marble vanity tops by using stone than using any other material. Lastly, any construction that uses stone in most of the areas does not take a long time to build.

2. Durable and fire-proof constructions: While choosing some other options in building material, such as wood, can get you a classic a looking house, these houses tend to end up into ruins in a decade or so. On the other hand, structures and amenities, such as stone bench tops or marble sinks will remain absolutely fire-proof, durable and rot-free and keep standing for centuries provided you choose the best marble suppliers and use the right natural stone sealers. Of course, you are not going to live in your house for centuries, but by choosing natural stone, you are helping your grandchildren to save some serious money on the building materials in future. While your neighbours or other home owners, who choose other options, may waste time and money on dealing with rodents and termites, you can sit back and relax behind nearly indestructible stone walls for decades.

3. Visually stunning and maintenance-free – Products made from natural stones, such as marble bench tops, come in a plethora of styles, colours, textures and sizes to suit the taste of even the most discerning home owner. You can achieve so many possibilities with natural stone structures, such as stone cladding, stacking stone and stone pavers that the only limit is your own imagination. Another advantage of using natural stone is that once the construction is completed, you can virtually forget about any further maintenance. Come to think of it, there will be nothing to repaint, no costly accessories to install and no termite damage to deal with. All you’ll have is a spectacularly stunning and rock-solid home for years to come.

Natural stone is the perfect choice for any home irrespective of its size, style, architecture, and other things. You can choose from among various stones such as white marble, stacking stone, limestone, travertine, and others. Natural stone tiles such as limestone tiles, travertine slabs, and marble tiles can be used on floors, walls, countertops, sinks, pavers and other areas.

What gives natural stone slabs their characteristic appeal?

Natural stones are extremely versatile, and each stone slab has a unique design this makes them the best choice for any stylish home. Natural stone are quarried from the earth’s surface, and not manufactured in factories, so each stone is different, and when combined, these slabs create an extremely beautiful effect. The next best thing about using Marble Sinks, Marble Vanity Tops, marble bench tops, Stone Pavers, and other natural stone elements in your home is that they are timeless and will not lose their appeal even after years. So, this one time investment will pay in leaps and bounds through the years.
Are natural stone tiles available in different finishes? You can get natural stone tiles and slabs in various finishes such as high gloss, tumbled, honed, cobbled, or brushed. Your choice of finish would depend on the design of your house, and your personal preferences. Natural stone installers and stone masons in Sydney would be able to guide you on the various finishes available, and the one that will best suit your style needs.
Isn’t it a lot more expensive than the ceramic tiles?

There is no doubt that natural stone tiles are more expensive than the ceramic tiles, but considering the difference in quality, finish, and appeal the price is more than justified. You cannot get timeless beauty for your home at cheap rates. Natural tone is a one-time investment that pays itself off in terms of enhanced appeal, durability, low maintenance, and increased home value.

What different choices of natural stones do I have? There are many natural stone available for use in your home including marble, granite, travertine, and limestone. Each of these stones has a different appeal, characteristics, and price. You can choose the one that best meets your needs and falls within your budget. Ask your natural stone supplier to show you different samples, and you and your home designer can make a choice. Where can I find stone masons in Sydney? Euro Natural Stones is an answer to all your needs of Natural Stone Supplier, Natural Stone Installers, Marble suppliers, Natural Stone Sealers, and stone masons in Sydney.