You might have come across several houses where people use travertine as the tile of choice – especially on their countertops in the kitchen. Some people use these tiles on the walls of their kitchens and bathrooms too. Others use travertine tiles on their floors. In short, you could use travertine tiles anywhere in your house. This versatility is what makes travertine so popular.

People also use travertine:

  • As a flooring material
    For paving patios and,
    For making:
    Garden paths
    Wall cladding and,
    Wall coverings

Travertine tiles and slabs are popular because they come in a wide range of finishes. Therefore, you could opt for tiles that have a:

Glossy finish (or a polished or a shiny finish)
Honed finish (or matte finish)
Brushed finish or,
Textured finish (or tumbled finish)

Of these, the honed or matte finish is the most popular because it is flat and smooth. Good quality travertine will usually not require extensive polishing. Polishing helps the travertine stone become shiny, even as it reduces the number of holes or crevices in it. Brushed and tumbled travertine will be flat and textured, giving it an overall rough look. It will also have a number of holes and crevices in it. In addition, it will have rough and wavy edges and corners. People use tumbled travertine tiles when they do not want much reflection of light in their homes.

Travertine tiles also come in a wide range of colours – from gold to beige. These colours reflect the iron compounds and other impurities assimilated in the tile. This is why you will seldom find this naturally occurring stone in one solid colour.

Marble tiles look great, however they need to be taken care of and maintained well in order to retain their brilliant finish and amazing gleam. With professional cleaning services, one can ensure that the marble tiles look great. However with the below mentioned simple care and maintenance tips one can ensure that the marble tiles look better for long.
By using a dust mop or vacuum with soft bristle, one can clean their marble tiles at least once a week. Avoid harmful cleaning agents and products which can stain and etch the marble tiles and flooring. There are spot removal kits which are helpful in keeping the marble tiles looking clean and new.

Jazzing up their homes and interiors is one aspect that many homeowners do not neglect. People spend a considerable amount of time and money in finding that dream house for themselves. Then, they spend a large chunk of their savings to pay for the house, as well as for any remodelling or renovation projects that they might need to carry out. Not many people have the financial wherewithal to pay for their new property upfront. These individuals do not have any other option, but to take out a mortgage for their property. Given this backdrop, it is unsurprising that people take a lot of pride in their homes. They embellish them with home décor accessories that bear the stamp of the homeowner’s personality and individual taste.

Traditionally, people have used floor tiles primarily in their kitchens and bathrooms. Over time, some people also began using them in their hallways, conservatories and bedrooms. In the past, people did not have much of a choice when it came to placing floor tiles in their houses. The usual floor tile choices available to pick from included limestone tiles, stone floor tiles, ceramic floor tiles and porcelain floor tiles. However, the advancements in technology now make it possible to use any material as your floor tiling option. That too, in any part of the house you want.