Outdoor Travertine Tiles

Buildings these days hardly conform to the age-old ideas of yore. In the past, property owners only viewed buildings from the unidimensional purpose of the function they served. Thus, they hardly ever looked at making their buildings aesthetically pleasing or efficient in design. This is no longer the case though.Over the years, architects and builders have realised that buildings can be visually appealing in addition being functional. Therefore, modern buildings incorporate the use of a wide range of construction materials. They also feature innovative designs, stylish interiors and other characteristics, such as energy efficiency etc. In addition, as people have realised the merits of conserving the environment, they have also begun placing a greater emphasis on the use of natural and environment-friendly materials for their buildings. Unsurprisingly, the use of natural stone slabs has increased in prominence.

Marble is probably the most popular choice for commercial properties in Sydney or anywhere else in the world for that matter. When it comes to commercial exteriors, natural stone is used in walkways, driveways, landscaping, building facade, memorials and stepping stones and so on. If you own a commercial property, using natural stone can make it look more exquisite and attractive to your clients. Natural stone can be used in the interiors of your commercial property in the form of marble vanity tops, bathroom floors, marble sinks, in reception areas, stone bench tops such as marble bench tops in commercial kitchens, and in conference rooms, among others. If you are looking to buy the best quality marble in Sydney, it’s highly recommended to choose trustworthy marble suppliers, such as Euro Natural Stone, to access highest quality and widest range. From bathrooms to entryways, natural stone has the power to enhance the stature and beauty of any living space.

Natural Stone is probably your best option for outdoor areas. Natural stone has the capability to blend seamlessly with other elements in your outdoors, and most importantly, natural stone is weatherproof. However, you’ll need the services of highly experienced stone masons because you’ve to ensure that you’ll use stone that is both visually stunning and functional. Popular choices for outdoor areas include limestone, granite and marble slabs. With stone pavers, you can create outdoor spaces that are fabulous and have the power to enhance the value of your home in case you’re planning to sell it. Stacking stone walls can give your patios an elegant and classy look. Stone Masons construct these walls by placing properly shaped stones over one another. Stone cladding is another maintenance-free option to beautify any outdoor space.

Natural stone for bathrooms – There’s virtually no other construction material that come even close to the natural stone, both in terms of longevity and aesthetical appeal.  White marble has been one of the most popular choices for centuries, but nowadays there‘s plenty of other luxurious options in natural stone available to the homeowners. Limestone tiles are a great bathroom flooring option mainly because of their warm colours and uniform appearance. However, high quality natural stone sealers are required with limestone as it is quite porous and prone to stains. Travertine tiles are also extensively used in modern bathrooms. Travertine slabs come in a range of natural patterns. In order to create smoother surface, natural stone installers fill the pores on the surface of these stones with epoxy or coloured grout.