In addition, select the most appropriate natural stones for the following purposes:

Kitchen Countertops: Granites are the best natural stones for kitchen countertops. They are highly resistant to heat and provide immense durability. They are cheaper than marble and easier to clean and use as well. It is also resistant to staining and bacterial proliferation, thereby making it a hygienic choice.
For Decorative Use: Consider using marble slabs for decorative purposes. These slabs are elegant and charming and are perfect for beautifying your home interiors and exteriors.
Roofing: Consider using slate as it offers high levels of water resistance. Its dark shades could be useful for concealing dirt and stains. In addition, it is easy to maintain too.

Natural stones are useful for building houses and fireplaces too. Their high resistance to heat and water makes them excellent materials to use for these purposes.

If you visit your local marble suppliers for marble tiles or other natural stones, ensure that you pick the best tiles or slabs. Therefore, when purchasing natural stone products, ensure that you:

 Pick stone products with surfaces that are uniform in colour and have little variations in colour, as the colour of natural materials does not change even after polishing
 Identify stone products with quality fabrication workmanship i.e. stones that do not have issues of warping or spots
 Use light coloured and bright stones for your flooring and wall cladding to make your home appear brighter
 Pick stones like granite and marble that are hard, durable and resistant to acids and alkalis

Statuario Marble Benchtop

Marble has been a preferred choice of architects and sculptors from the Roman and Greek times due its ease of use and refractivity. Traditionally, this hard stone was used primarily in sculpting, but today, it has made its way into homes as marble bench tops, marble flooring, marble sinks, and marble vanity tops. Thanks to its ability to remain cool and its heat dissipation properties, marble has become a preferred choice for bench tops around the world.

If you are constructing a new kitchen, or remodelling the existing one, and wondering whether marble bench tops would be a right choice for you, here are a few things that you must consider:


Like any other natural stone bench top, marble bench tops would also require a little care. You would need to protect it from direct heat. So, rather than putting a hot pot straight on to the bench top, you must use a trivet or pot holder to place it. Another thing you would need to ensure is to clean the spills as soon as they occur to prevent staining.

The worst thing you can do with your marble bench top is to use it as a chopping board no matter how convenient it may sound. You must always use good quality cleansers that are designed purposely for marble. Just by following these simple care tips, your marble bench tops would last a long time without losing their aesthetic appeal.


The beauty of any natural stone is that it can last virtually a life time if it is properly take care of. With proper care, marble too can serve you for years, and make your kitchen look absolutely stunning. Marble comes in wide varieties, and you can easily find the best one to suit your needs, preferences, and budget. Marble counter tops, backsplash, vanity tops, and sink add significant long term value to any home.

Other Benefits

The best thing about marble and other natural stones is that they get better with age. If you have any odd corners or shapes where you need the bench top to fit in, marble is your best bet. Your natural stone supplier would be able to make you a bench top for your special requirements. It stays cool always, which makes it ideal for use in kitchens.

Marble has an unmatched and timeless beauty. It is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury and elegance to any kitchen. Once you choose this beautiful natural stone for your bench top, you will never again have to replace it as long as you care for it properly. If you are looking for Marble Sinks, Marble Vanity Tops, Marble Bench tops, Marble Suppliers, Marble Tiles, Marble Slabs, Travertine Slabs, Limestone Tiles in Sydney, then Euro Natural Stone is the place to be.

Euro Natural Stone Project Applications

In the past, builders traditionally relied on using synthetic stones, when constructing buildings. However, the use of natural stone has become more widespread these days. This is because natural stones like white marble, offer a wide range of benefits.

Unlike other materials, natural stones are entirely natural and environment-friendly materials. Therefore, they pose no risk or threat to human health. In addition, these stones are available in a wide range of colours and patterns. They are easier to customise too. Therefore, finding the right kind of stone for your buildings is easy.

Natural stones typically offer years of service. Their durability makes them very cost effective too. If you were to visit the site of any natural stone supplier in the city, you would be able to see natural stones in a myriad of forms and designs. This versatility enables people to use these stones inside, as well as outside their homes.

For example, in home interiors, people will often have marble vanity tops and marble sinks. In addition, they could use limestone tiles or travertine tiles as flooring options too. Similarly, outside the house, they could utilise natural stones in the form of stone bench tops, marble bench tops etc. Alternatively, they could consider using stone sculptures, fountains or pillars for embellishing their outdoor spaces too.

Lastly, natural stones are beautiful, strong and easy to maintain. They can withstand changes in environmental conditions. They imbue homes with a classical and elegant look that enhances the visual appeal of the house. In addition, cleaning or maintaining them is quite easy. This is why people are more than willing to bear the slightly higher cost associated with these stones, for giving their buildings a distinguished look.

Synthetic stones are smooth tiles that have a stone-like appearance and texture. However, these stones tend to appear extremely shiny and fake. For this reason, property owners often opt for using natural stones like marble tiles over synthetic ones.

People prefer using natural stones in their buildings because natural stones:

Are easily accessible and available
Are available in a rich variety of colours, types, textures and mineral compositions
Are durable and therefore, cost effective
Can withstand wear, tread and weather
Possess characteristics such as being hygienic, waterproof and unreactive with cleaning agents and bacteria
Are easy to maintain

Compared to other building materials, natural stones are matchless in beauty. Their use often enhances the visual appearance of any building. It is not surprising therefore, that many builders rely on the use of these natural stone slabs, such as, travertine slabs, limestone, quartzite, stacking stone etc.

Builders often use these stones for a wide range of purposes. This trait itself, serves to illustrate the versatility of these stones. For example, builders use stones like mosaic, granite and limestone for flooring purposes. This is because these stones typically feature attractive designs in a wide range of colours. In addition, they offer immense durability too. Moreover, customising these stones according to personal specifications is quite easy as well. Therefore, using these stones for enhancing the beauty and stylishness of homes and offices remains an inherently simple process.