Natural Stone Slab Cutting


Marble, especially white marble, has been among the choicest materials used by people for centuries. Although it is harder and more resilient than travertine, marble also tends to develop stains and scratches. If you plan to install marble in your home, ensure that the installers use the best natural stone sealers. Available in several patterns and colours, marble tends to absorb water. Therefore, avoid using it outdoors.


Some suppliers often pass off travertine slabs as limestone or marble tiles. However, travertine is quite distinctive from both these materials. A sedimentary rock comprising calcite, this stone is much softer than limestone. Available in several variable patterns and colours, travertine is prone to developing scratches and stains. People usually use travertine in their kitchens, bathrooms, living areas and hallways.


One of the hardest natural stones around, granite is ideal because of its water repelling properties. In addition, it maintains its lustrous look like few other natural stones. While granite is durable, its shine and hardness can make it appear rather cold. This stone is perfect for use in kitchens, bathrooms, living areas and hallways.


This calciferous stone is similar to travertine. However, limestone typically hardens over time because of tectonic action. This makes it a better material for flooring. Available in beautiful colours and patterns, limestone could often appear to look like wood. However, it tends to absorb water. Hence, avoid using it outdoors.

 Sandstone:

People purchase this metamorphic rock because it doesn’t have the wild colour variations usually associated with other varieties of natural stone. Therefore, it is easier to find consistent tones in sandstone.

 Slate:

This metamorphic rock splits into thin sheets easily. This makes it easier for suppliers to turn these sheets into slate tiles. Slate is one of the most commonly sold natural stones. It is worth noting that the greater the density slake tile has, the lesser the chances of it flaking or falling apart. This is why slate tiles with high densities are costlier. Used in living areas, hallways and kitchens, this stone tends to be dark and durable.

What is natural Stone?

A walk through one of your city’s commercial areas will highlight the number of natural stone installers operating in the vicinity. If you were to enter any of these shops, you would come across a range of tiles and slabs, among other things. From limestone tiles to marble slabs, these suppliers would have every variety of natural stone frequently used by people.

For centuries, people have been using natural stone on their floors. You might assume that this is because these stones offer a look of sheer quality that is difficult to replicate because they are natural products. However, this is not the only reason. Natural stones bring the warmth, colours and texture of nature into the homes that use them. Even if you try to substitute them with some other material, it is likely that you will not be able to replicate the look offered by natural stone.

Suppliers extract natural stone from the earth. Therefore, there will always be several variations in the colour and the quality of different natural stones. This is why any natural stone supplier usually instructs clients to purchase extra cases of natural stones at the time of the initial purchase. This is because if the client needed to repair a floor subsequently, finding an exact match to the existing natural stone flooring would be very difficult, if not impossible.

Outdoor Travertine Tiles

Purchasing a home is often one of the biggest investments that a person makes in a lifetime. Finding that perfect house is not an easy task. Oftentimes, it takes a number of visits to various properties before a person finally comes across that elusive haven. Then comes the process of negotiating the sale and closing the deal. Given the challenges and the difficulties involved in purchasing a home of your own, it is easy to understand why people take immense pride in their homes.

As the occupants of a house begin to settle down, they focus on making the house comfortable, visually appealing and elegant. Today, homeowners have a wide range of options when it comes to embellishing their home interiors and exteriors. Many people feel that the colour of paint on the walls of the house has a big influence on the visual appeal exuded by the property. This might be true. However, the colour of paint used often makes the house attractive because it complements other elements of the house e.g. the flooring the walls etc. People these days have a fascination for all things natural. This is why they often end up using a wide range of natural stone slabs for their home interiors.

Sydney's Leading Stone Masons

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