Natural Stone Supplier Sydney

One of the perils of being the leading natural stone supplier in Australia is that people can really put trust in us to choose the best stone for their residential or commercial projects. Well, we‘ve now become accustomed to be asked for advice on whether to choose travertine tiles or limestone tiles for the flooring, how to choose the highest quality marble in Sydney for marble vanity tops and if choosing experienced stone masons in Sydney can get you any better results and so on.

Our unmatched track record in providing the best quality natural stone products and services to our clients throughout Australia has enabled us to deliver exceptional results at really affordable prices.

Since, the making of natural stone is not a man-made process and it comes from the earth, you can find an amazingly wide variety in natural stone. These variations can be in terms of both colour and quality. Therefore, we always recommend our customers to do some research while shopping for natural stone for their projects.

1. Know the absorption rate: Technically, more the absorption rate of a natural stone, the more prone the stone will be to staining and cracking. Natural Stone Sealers are used to prevent water absorption in stones with high absorption rates.

2. Know your needs: This is actually a no-brainer. You should choose the natural stone according to specific applications you’ve in mind. For instance, limestone is used extensively in restoration as well as new building projects due to its durability and ease of use. Limestone is perfect for both stone Cladding and flooring. Marble tiles are probably the world’s most stunning building material but white marble is also quite susceptible to construction defects. Therefore, greatest care must be taken while choosing your marble suppliers as experienced ones can also provide you some expert guidance for choosing most suitable marble for particular areas of your projects.

3. Know the grade of natural stone: If you are looking for highly resistance natural stone for your project, opt for higher grades. For instance, grade 3 or grade 4 stones are ideal for projects where you need very high resistance against scratching and chipping. Marble is not the hardest natural stone so it is extensively used in the construction of amenities such as marble bench tops or marble sinks whereas higher grade stones are used in areas with high traffic.

4. Beware of some common defects: No doubt, you can find a plethora of aesthetically stunning natural stones in the market to construct your stone pavers or stacking stone, but if you take a deeper look beneath the surface, you can find some common defects. There might be eggs or even minor fractures within the stones. Euro Natural Stone specializes in providing highest quality natural stone products, best natural stone installers and services to the clients. At Euro Natural Stone, we know each and every intricacy of natural stones and the quality difference between the available choices. Whether you need marble slabs or travertine slabs, we can help you get the best stone for your project your money can buy.