Ceramic Tiles

Euro Natural Stone is proud to showcase the very latest ceramic tiles from global market leaders in high-end tiles, Serra. We offer a brilliant selection of Serra tiles across a full spectrum of colour and design possibilities. If you’re looking for classic styles or modern designs, we have exactly what you need.
Our Ceramic Tiles
Our modern ceramic tiles are precision made, designed to perfection by expert craftsmen. These Serra tiles are manufactured to exceptional standards, so you know you’ll be purchasing top-quality materials. Browse our extensive range to see the many options you have at your fingertips.
These are the more traditional ceramic tiles in the Serra range, with timeless designs and high-quality rendering. These traditional ceramic tiles are very popular with designers for their versatility and suitability across all types of interior design.
Modern ceramic tiles include many adventurous design ideas, from minimalistic to flamboyantly imaginative feature designs. If you’re looking for the latest in international standard designs, start here!
The Optima range of ceramic tiles is excellent for a variety of interior uses. This range delivers high-end style combined with excellent colour and tone choices for the most demanding interiors.
With the Serra Wood range you will bring a combination of Mediterranean touch and natural texture to your home. This range is made using a special Italian ceramic technique ensuring the utmost quality and beautiful design.
Natural Stone
Natural Stone Series brings a breath of fresh air to your home. An infinite range of tones, textures and colours to choose from with the advantage of the Natural Stone look.
Have Fun Browsing Our Range
You’ll love exploring our gigantic range of ceramic tiles. You’ll see well-loved, Australian classics and the exciting range of new modern tiles. Have fun comparing styles, colours and motifs, and consider all your options for a dazzling new tile design for your home.
Let’s Talk Ceramic Tiles
Call us on 02 9698 8887 or contact us online to speak with our friendly tile specialists about your needs. To see our full range of tiles for yourself, visit us at our showroom at Alexandria. You’re welcome to drop in any time, and we’ll be happy to provide any information or guidance you need.