ENS Porcelain Metallic Sirius

Our porcelain tiles range is the very latest for dazzling interiors, direct from leading manufacturers, Seranit. This stunning range of porcelain tiles is the epitome of modern designer style around the world, sold in 72 countries.

The Euro Natural Stone range of porcelain tiles includes:
An astonishing range of brilliantly coloured and toned tiles including everything from rustic Cotto tiles to the chic and sleek Burgundy, the beautiful Flower range, and much more. See the very latest on the market and choose the perfect style to suit your needs.
Natural Stone
This is a massive range of porcelain tiles, including the superb Oasis, a whole selection of cool marbles, elegant Emperador, the very modern Fibre tiles, and so much more.
Wooden-look tiles are staples in home design around the world, and the Seranit range of wooden-look tiles is a statement of quality. These tiles can be custom cut to match the most demanding interior designs. If you’re looking for the perfect interior tiles for that timeless timber look, you’ll find them here.
Modern concrete tiles are in high demand for their durability and suitability for many different types of interiors and exteriors. Our Seranit concrete tiles include the Etnico tiles, Beton timber-look tiles and more.
This range includes some very familiar, and very popular, types of stone, like classic dark slate, the beautiful Ardesia, the very colourful Serarock and other wonderful stones.
Metallic stone tiles are a fascinating new class of designer stone, very much in demand in upmarket homes. These very elegant tiles are ideal in many different environments. Browse our range and see how versatile these tiles can be.
Explore Your Choices
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