When people think about contacting a natural stone supplier, they often take into account the aesthetical appeal of stone items, such as natural stone slabs or marble tiles. What these people don’t know is that they are just scratching the surface and they have no idea what a good quality stone can accomplish for their homes. Advantages of travertine tiles, marble sinks and other stone elements go beyond their visual appeal, and that’s what makes sure that your home will remain durable and maintenance free for years and years. If you too are looking to make your home outstanding, you can easily accomplish the goal by adding white marble, limestone tiles and other stone elements to interiors or exterior of your property.

This type of work should be professionally performed by experienced stone masons in Sydney as they are well versed with all the intricacies of installing natural stone, so that you’ll get flawless results. Let’s have a look at some of the ways you can use natural stone in your project to make your home stand out with aplomb.

1. Stone veneer – This is probably the easiest way to transform a bland and boring space into something spectacular and unique. For instance if you have an unattractive retaining wall in your exteriors, you can easily turn it into one of the most attractive features of your home by using stone veneer. All you need are a few experienced natural stone installers, in addition to best quality stone, as this type of work is not that labour intensive. Within the house, you can use stone in a lot of places. You can choose to have a focal wall in the living room or even your bedroom made of stacking stone.
2. Patios – It’s a well known fact that patios are one of the best places in our homes to entertain guests or to just enjoy some quality time in the outdoors with our loved ones. You can make your patio rustic and attractive by erecting it with visually appealing and durable natural stone. There is a great variety of colours and styles available in the market to make most stunning and unique stone pavers. What’s more, you can make it even more appealing by opting for stone bench tops for outdoor tables.

3. Fireplaces – Perfect for indoors and outdoors, fireplaces made of stone, such as limestone, slate or even marble in Sydney can add a touch of elegance and warmth to any ordinary space. You can contact reputable marble suppliers in Sydney if you are interested in building a natural stone fireplace in exteriors or interiors of your home. Though marble is softer than other natural stone choices, such as travertine slabs, it’s easily available, heat resistance and durable to serve the purpose well. On the downside, marble is the most expensive choice for fireplace material. This may be the reason why people are more interested in using marble tiles or marble slabs in highly visible areas of their homes.

4. Kitchens – There are a number of areas in a kitchen where you can use stone to make it look rugged, unique and refreshing. In addition to using marble vanity tops and marble bench tops, you can use stone for the platform of your kitchen island. You just have to make sure that natural stone sealers are used on the kitchen slabs. From beautiful chimneys to exceptionally durable worktops, the possibilities to make an aesthetically sophisticated and bold kitchen with stone are truly limitless.

Many designers and architects have started preferring natural stone over other decorative and building materials because of how stunning it looks, and how long it lasts. It’s possible for you to use stone in a number of different ways- especially if you are planning on landscaping your house. That being said, stonework is incredibly difficult to handle, so you have to make sure that you get the help of best masons for your stone cladding and other stone related projects.