Euro Natural Stone Point Piper

Natural stones represent the immense beauty and strength of the elements of the earth. Due to their aesthetic quality, and ability to stand the test of time, natural stone slabs are becoming a popular choice among homeowners. Marble sinks, marble vanity tops, marble bench tops, limestone tiles, travertine tiles, and white marble are making their way into modern homes. However, many homeowners are often caught between choosing ceramic tiles or natural tiles such as marble tiles, travertine tiles and limestone tiles in their homes. In this post, a popular natural stone supplier will offer an answer to this question:
Today, various different types of natural stones are available for installation in your homes. It includes travertine, marble, and limestone. Each of the natural stone tiles is available in different finishes such as polished, riven, and honed that enhance their beauty and functionality. You can choose the finish depending on your where you want the tiles installed, and your personal preferences.

A common question facing most homeowners looking for tiles for their homes is whether or not the natural stone tiles are too expensive compared to ceramic tiles. Popular stone masons in Sydney inform that natural stone tiles are certainly more expensive than the ceramic tiles, but homeowners should treat it as an investment rather than an expense, because natural stones not only enhance the beauty of your homes, but also increase its value significantly.

Natural stone tiles are extremely versatile, and can be used in different parts of the house including the outdoors, kitchen, and bathroom. They are used both on the floor and walls. Natural stone mosaics are a popular choice amongst homeowners seeking to add a classic and elegant touch to their walls and floor. Your interior designer and natural stone installers can guide you on the various ways in which you can use natural stones in your home.

Experts believe that natural stone tiles are indeed a good choice for any home. However, homeowners need to consider a few things before taking a plunge. Natural stones tiles can be best installed on a concrete mixture, and because they are quite thick, you might have to make some changes to the door sizes. Natural stone installers can give you more options on installing tiles if concrete mixture is not an option. You will also need natural stone sealers to prevent staining and water penetration.

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