Euro Natural Stone

Natural stone products, such as marble tiles and travertine tiles, have been among the most popular flooring options for hundreds of years, and not without any reason. These amazingly appealing tiles and other products, such as marble bench tops or marble vanity tops, can easily bring the colour, texture and beauty of nature right to our home, and they can add a warmth and quality to our rooms that’s just impossible to attain with other options available in the market. Whether you opt for exceptionally durable marble slabs or visually attractive travertine slabs, one of the most important things that you should know that all these products come under natural stone products and only skilled and experienced Stone masons in Sydney can deliver your excellent results.

Ask any well-informed natural stone supplier in Sydney, he will tell you that these stones are sourced from inside the earth, and are available in a wide variety of colours, quality and texture. This plethora of choices can prove to be somewhat overwhelming, especially if you are naïve’ when it comes to natural stone products. This is just one of the reasons why you should be fully prepared before shopping for limestone tiles, marble sinks or any other product made from natural stone.

Experienced natural Stone Installers always recommend everyone to buy sufficient material so that the job can be completed in one go i.e. without ordering twice. This simple step will virtually eliminate the chances of receiving mismatched tiles or natural stone slabs from the supplier. Don’t forget to buy a couple of extra cases of tiles. These extra tiles will prove to be pretty useful if you need to repair your floor few years down the line. Let’s try to dig a bit deeper into the various options available in the market when it comes to natural Stone.

-Travertine Tiles: Undoubtedly, one of the most common and popular stones for flooring, some people still have misconception that it’s a form of limestone or marble. If you ask reputable marble suppliers in your area, they will tell you that Travertine is a type of sedimentary rock and primarily consists of calcite. Contrary to the popular belief, travertine is much softer than Limestone. Though you cannot attain a spectacularly shiny surface with travertine tiles or travertine slabs, but the kind of warmth you can achieve in your home with travertine is just unparalleled with any other stone available anywhere in the world.

-Marble tiles: White Marble enjoys a place of immense importance since ancient times. Though White Marble is quite prone to scratching and staining, you can’t deny the fact that stone bench tops and stone pavers made from marble have a class of their own. Marble in Sydney or anywhere else in the world is much more resilient and harder than the other options, such as travertine and limestone, but on the downside it needs more maintenance as it has the tendency to absorb water. You can attain great and long-lasting results if you choose the best natural stone sealers.

Limestone Tiles: Limestone is another natural stone that shares quite a few similarities with travertine. However, Limestone is quite harder than travertine due to prolonged tectonic pressure it goes through during its formation. This property makes it a better flooring option than travertine.
Lastly, remember to never use bleach, ammonia or vinegar to clean the tiles as these methods will adversely affect the lifespan of sealers, which may deteriorate the condition of your floor over the years. Always ask the stone installation experts about the right cleaners you should use for your floors, stacking stone or stone cladding. Cleaning frequency is dependent on the type of tiles and the traffic.