Think thoroughly and follow some guidelines from experts before you decide to buy new natural stone products, such as marble tiles or stone bench tops for your project. From experimenting with unfamiliar products to compromising on the quality of your travertine tiles or limestone tiles, are some of the most common mistakes that inexperienced households and business owners make in their renovation or building projects. No doubt, exceptional quality marble bench tops or marble vanity tops installed by getting services from skilled stone masons in Sydney can make your home or office look stunning, but be wary of choosing the wrong or mismatched products.. Let’s try to fix some of the common mistakes so that you can get rid of them once and for all.

1. Wrong estimates- This is perhaps the most common mistake people make while ordering their natural Stone Slabs and tiles. Conventional wisdom tells us to order exactly the same number of tiles or travertine slabs as per our requirements. However, if you take a look at their installation procedures, you will realize that installation of tiles and marble slabs is an extremely tedious and delicate process, and naïve natural Stone Installers are bound to get involved in a few accidents while going through this process. These accidents include but are not limited to breaking of tiles or getting wrong cuts. In these circumstances, if you don’t have any spare tiles, there are high chances that your project would miss the deadlines and you’ll have to go through ordering process all over again. Therefore, experts often recommend ordering a few extra tiles at the time of purchasing your items from a reputable natural stone supplier. Not only this would help you in dealing with these types of unfortunate incidents, but this approach would also help in future repairs.

2. Choosing inexperienced Natural Stone Supplier – The process of extracting natural stone from under the earth and preparing it for visually stunning items, such as marble sinks or even stacking stone is nothing less than marvellous. Therefore, it’s nearly impossible to find marble slabs that will look exactly similar to the existing slabs in your home. When buying natural stone, choose only the established marble suppliers and buy all the slabs or tiles you need for your project at the same in order to get consistent results.

3. Unpunctuality – This may sound surprising to you, but you can’t deny the fact that we as humans are born with the habit of postponing things until the very last minute. Unfortunately, many people show the same attitude while ordering natural stone, such as marble in Sydney for the construction of their stone pavers or other projects. Ordering at the last minutes has a number of disadvantages. For instance you may not immediately find rare stone for stone cladding or you may not be able to deal with possible delays in order to get the right products.

4. Trusting unethical suppliers – The fact is that people are always on the lookout for best deals when purchasing white Marble and other natural stone items. Sure, you can find a number of suppliers offering products at unbelievingly low prices. However, the problem is that in natural stone industry, prices can be dramatically reduced by offering cheapest quality products and even inefficient natural stone sealers. If you choose an established natural stone supplier, such as Euro Naturals Stone, you will get products that will perform exceptionally better, last longer and help you avoid disasters for years to come.