At Euro Natural Stone, we work closely alongside designers and architects to ensure all aspects of your custom stone design are met. If you’re looking a team to supply, design, fabricate and install natural stone and porcelain products, we will provide unparalleled results.

Euro Natural Stone source the best products and work with the finest professionals to craft everything from commercial marble furniture to limestone benchtops.


At Euro Natural Stone, we work with interior designers and architects to contribute to residential and commercial projects. Our factory is located right here in Sydney, meaning you can handpick your natural or engineered stone and we cut it to your specifications.

Suppliers of the finest natural stone and porcelain.

The ENS range is unparalleled in terms of both quality and variety.

Whether you simply require marble supplies or you want a custom cut natural stone product, we can assist you.

Only the very best marble, limestone, travertine, and granite are sourced for our work and we can cut your stone for impressive and precise results.

Take your pick from some of the world’s finest natural stone  and porcelain, available in a truly beautiful range of colours and patterns.

Residential premises

From sleek bathrooms to statement kitchens, we can create or transform a space with the warmth of marble, the beauty of natural stone or the precision of engineered stone all custom designed.

Commercial premises

Our commercial design portfolio highlights the beauty and versatility of our custom cut natural stone solutions. Explore these and other projects in our portfolio, and ask us how we can help you.

Custom Projects

We assist with your natural and engineered stone requirements from inception and design through to completion, including the supply and installation of finished marble interiors and furniture.

Our stone product range includes

From kitchen bench tops to feature walls to custom designed furniture, ask us to design, supply and install the finest natural stone products for your next project.

Sydney’s Leading Natural Stone and Marble Supplier

Euro Natural Stone sources and supplies the most appropriate stone as an essential part of our design and installation process. We ensure the highest quality stones for our many different products, projects and designs.

Only the very best marble, limestone, travertine, and granite available are sourced for our work.

We supply our natural stone products in a range of different sizes and we can even custom cut your stone for impressive and precise results for your project.


The highest design standards and best practice craftsmanship drive our stone selection and quality assurance processes. The best natural stones are free from flaws and structural faults and that’s exactly what Euro Natural Stone provides.

Our Carrara marble, for example, is the legendary stone used for sculptures by Michelangelo. Carrara marble is also famous for its excellent consistency and reliability. It’s a stone that can be cut to extraordinary precision.

Good quality limestone, onyx and travertine are required for structural design and flooring, because these stones are subjected to significant loads, particularly over their very long product lives.

Even incredibly tough stones like granite and basalt must be of a very high quality. Small fractures or other imperfections in these heavier stones can compromise the stone when it’s installed on site, causing breakages within the design.

That’s why we source only the best!


Euro Natural Stone works with interior designers and architects for residential and commercial premises.

 Residential premises: Please browse our residential portfolio to explore our residential design work. From sleek bathrooms to statement kitchens, we can create or transform your space with the warmth and beauty of marble.

 Commercial premises: Our commercial design portfolio features our interior design, highlighting the beauty and versatility of both marble and design. Explore this and other projects and ask us how we can help you create a space that meets your needs.

 Projects: We will assist with your natural stone requirements from inception through to completion, including the supply and installation of finished marble interiors.

 Marble sourcing: If you need to source superior marble products for your services, talk to Euro Natural Stone.

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