Euro Natural Stone are one of Australia’s industry leaders when it comes to natural and engineered tile supply. Whether you’re looking for travertine or marble tiles, or even a ceramic or porcelain design, we can help you. Our range includes more than 140 varieties of natural stone and engineered stone, including ceramic, porcelain onyx, granite and many more.

Our experts work with leading logistics and customs companies to quickly source the tiles you need for your next commercial project. Learn more about our range today or contact us to discuss your project.

Natural Stone Tiles

We stock an impressive range of natural stone tiles and slabs that are perfect for a wide range of applications. Generally speaking, natural stone is hard-wearing, easy to clean, low maintenance and incredibly unique. Our collection includes:

  • Marble tiles – a touch of luxury
  • Limestone tiles – tough and versatile
  • Travertine tiles – beautiful indoors and out
  • Granite tiles – popular for a range of applications
  • Onyx tiles – precious natural beauty
  • Mosaic tiles – a piece of art in every tile

Porcelain Tiles

Just as impressive as their natural counterparts, porcelain tiles can find a home in a range of commercial and residential applications. Easy to install and maintain, and excellent for wet areas, porcelain tiles take on many impressive faces. Our collection includes:

  • Concrete porcelain – tough and industrial
  • Homogenous porcelain – beautiful and water-resistant
  • Metallic porcelain – sleek and stunning
  • Natural stone porcelain – achieve the natural stone look
  • Stoneage porcelain – all the beauty of a range of stones
  • Wooden porcelain – warm and timeless faux wood look

Find Out More about Our Tile Supply Service

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