When compared to other flooring options, marble tiles can be a little expensive. However, the sheer versatility, elegance and durability of marble makes it an all-time favourite. When it comes to flooring options, marble generally offers three different varieties of floor coverings. These include:

Glazed Tiles: These tiles have a heavy coating or polish. They have a vivid shine and can withstand stains quite easily. These tiles also maintain their glow, which means that you would not need to wax them regularly.
Honed (or Non Glazed) Tiles: These tiles are scratch resistant. However, they also tend to discolour more easily than glazed tiles do. Therefore, you would need to wax these tiles frequently.
Tumbled Tiles: These tiles are popular because they are non-slip tiles. In addition, they come in a variety of tile patterns e.g. natural tumbled, polished tumbled, honed tumbled, antique tumbled etc.